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"The Proof Is In The Dogs We Produce"

Welcome to Bodyguard Cane Corso! If you’re reading this, that means you’re considering one of the world's oldest and most majestic breeds. Bodyguard Cane Corso is home to Mufasa, the world' first Schutzhund 3 Cane Corso. Schutzhund 3 (German word for “protection dog”) is the highest level certification a working dog can achieve when it comes to tracking, obedience and protection. Originally created as a litmus test for only the highest level German Shepherds, a Schutzhund certification is now universally accepted as the “gold standard” against which all dogs are measured. Mufasa was the world’s first Cane Corso to achieve such a coveted rating.

Our mission is to maintain and exceed the highest quality breed standard in all the dogs we produce. Bodyguard Cane Corso’s are bred for health, stable temperament, high drive and old world appearance. Their loyalty and affection for their owner is only outmatched by the piece of mind they provide.


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