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Welcome to Body Guard Cane Corso!

Breeding Cane Corso of the purest form.

Body Guard Kennels

Excellent Family Protectors:

When your children are playing in the backyard, you need not worry. Your Cane Corso is your children's personal bodyguard. I pity the fool who would want to challenge one of them. Our Cane Corso are bred for courage, strength and endurance. Having a Cane Corso is like having a firearm, but better. When you're asleep your firearm is useless. Now on the other hand, your BodyGuard/CaneCorso is always ready for the unexpected. Making you and your family sleep better at night. 

From my personal experience with this breed, I find them to be natural protectors of the family & property. Making you feel safe at night. No matter if you're going out for a walk or jogging, they're great partners to go with. Also they're low maintenance as far as grooming. I've experience myself with other working breeds and find this breed to exceed in what I feel a true guard/family dog should be. I have been breeding dogs for over 19 years. From past experience this is the #1, hands down the best choice.

Also let's not forget loyalty. Some friends seem to forget loyalty, but
your Cane Corso won't. You can always count on them to have your back. If there are any questions you want answered, Please feel free to call. Also remember the Cane Corso isn't  just man's best friend, but the whole family's best friend.

            Body Guard Cane Corso

                 Alpha                                   Tyrone Wright
             Pocono,PA                               Bartonsville, PA
          (917) 208-3626                           (917) 417-3559




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