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A Body Guard Cane Corso must be the right fit for your family- if it’s not, we’ll work to find a common goal.

2 year health guarantee on hips

2 years on cancer

  • Body Guard Cane Corso does all screening by vet prior to purchase
  • 24/7 customer service. Call anytime if you ever need help or have questions about your Body Guard Cane Corso.

Once you take home a Bodyguard Cane Corso you’re part of the Bodyguard family. This means if you ever need help or have questions about your Cane Corso, help is just a phone call away.

How much does a Body Guard Cane Corso Cost?

The short answer is it depends. Cane Corso’s are large dogs which means they cost more to raise. A lot more. These monies are recouped when the puppies are sold. Because we offer companion, working dogs and show dogs the price varies. Please contact us for pricing.

Do I have to crop ears?


Is cropping Included?


Is cropping healthy?

Yes. Cropping decreases moisture by allowing air to pass through the ear. Thus avoiding common issues such as yeast infections, bacteria and other potential health problems.

Dock the tail and dew claws?


Can I visit your kennel?


May I see the hip scores of your dogs?


May I see your Contract? Do you keep tabs on your puppies and enforce your contract?


Do you require your puppies to come back to your kennel to be rehomed?

Yes but with Right to refusal.

Do you require your puppies shown on a breed contract?


What is the minimum age you allow them to be bred?

All Bodyguard Cane Corso must be at least 2 years of age before they are bred. This is only if you have right to breed from Bodyguard Cane Corso .

Is there a spay/neuter contract?

Depends if the dog is companion, working or show.

Can I contact your Veterinarian for a reference?